Use modern web features safely in your hybrid apps with Crosswalk

When developing a mobile application going native is always the best choice but that is not always a viable alternative, considering the time that might take you to master each platform that you would want to support.

cordova_botLuckily for Web developers there is an option for developing mobile applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript AKA hybrid applications. Apache Cordova / Phonegap  is a platform that makes use of Web views and exposes the device’s native functionality through a JavaScript API. The great thing about this is that you are able to target all popular Platforms like Android,  iOS,  and even windows phone without a single line of native code.

This all sounds great, the problem is that in some older phones the Web view available can be really crappy and your app can get really choppy, slow and modern browser features may not be supported.

crosswalkThis where the Crosswalk project comes in, Basically crosswalk provides a Web view that is based on the latest version of Chromium that replaces the unpredictable default one, so you can be sure of what JavaScript APIs and what CSS you can use.

Crosswalk is available as an Apache Cordova / phonegap plug-in at

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